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Mother of Pearl Inlay Wooden Jewelry Box - 3 designs

Mother of Pearl Inlay Wooden Jewelry Box - 3 designs

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Beauty and function - our mother of pearl inlay wooden storage box with a hinged lid makes this a unique decorative and storage piece. Versatile: store jewelry, arts, crafts or even a storage case for tea, coffee and almost anything else. Light, made of wood and hand made to last a long time. The inside of the box is covered with a thick paint layer which is smooth and scratch-free. The Black Flower box matches the mother of pearl inlay round serving tray and Turquoise Brocade the mother of pearl rectangle serving tray.

Made in Vietnam with ethically sourced materials and supports local artisan communities.

  • Material: wood
  • Colors: black flower, turquoise brocade, blue tile
  • Size: approx 8"x 5"x 3"



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