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Tiana Designs

Cheers Dears Black Champagne Bottle Hand Beaded Zip Pouch

Cheers Dears Black Champagne Bottle Hand Beaded Zip Pouch

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Looking to toast the night or celebrate life? Our Cheers Dears black champagne bottle hand beaded zip pouch is the perfect fit! Featuring hand beaded champagne bottles, this chic pouch is ideal for carrying your credit cards, drivers license, and even a bit of "champagne money!" Pull it out at bridal showers, girls' nights, or when you just need a reason to cheers!

TIANA Designs is a USA based fashion house that creates one of a kind, handcrafted purses for the discerning woman. At the heart of every TIANA bag is the essence of the exquisitely crafted beads that it is made of. Every TIANA bag is handmade by master craftsmen using techniques perfected over time. Beads, crystals and pearls are handled with care and precision to shape them into the unique form for each piece. A lot of effort is put in to ensure that the bags keep their elegant form for a long time and age gracefully.


5.25" x 3.5"


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